MM Prime TFI

operates in two market segments

First Segment

Funds management services

address Clients who want to entrust their means to professionals in order to realize appropriate investment policy according to their expectations.

MM Prime guarantees investment funds management with a view to gaining the highest return rate while, at the same time, ensuring the highest security of investment.

The company also provides constant custody over Customer’s financial means and complex financial consulting in this field. It also ensures full flexibility when the selection of solutions for the most demanding Clients is concerned. The guarantee of the highest profit is ensured by the fee charged by MM Prime . We emphasise success fees measured by return rate of the Customer at the expense of a definitely lower management fee.

Second Segment

The services aimed at the Customer who wants to consolidate their assets under the umbrella of the fund

in order to optimize their business venture or with a view to prepare their assets for intergenerational succession.

MM Prime Investment Fund Company supports entrepreneurs in constructing investment vehicles which from the formal and legal, financial and organizational point of view influence the optimization of processes in the Customer’s company. If the customer wishes to, MM Prime may prepare all his assets for intergenerational succession.

Investment Fund Management
(constant contact with the customer,
legal and financial custody of assets)
Customer’s expectations analysis
Preparation of the offer
Investment contract conclusion
Legal documentation finalization (fund status, assets evaluation, legal and tax issues)
Institution and register of the fund as well as investment certificate issue

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