MM Prime TFI

Funds philosophy

MM Prime Deposit Fund

FIZ Depozytowy is one of the best investments choices for those who seek liquid and low-risk investment. The fund invests in debt instruments with expected rate of return of 1-2 percentage points above the most attractive bank deposits available on the Polish market. The fund owes its stable returns to appropriate investments in treasury bonds and good selection of issuers. The fund performance is merely slightly sensitive to fluctuations in interests rate markets. Consistent implementation of an investment policy resulted in a successive growth, as confirmed by the weekly prices of certificates.

MM Prime Dynamic Fund

The main philosophy of the Fund is a selection of fundamentally strong and attractively priced small and medium-sized companies on the Polish market. To mitigate risk and maintain high liquidity the Fund also invests in large Polish stocks, as well as selected foreign market ETFs

Michael / Ström FIZ

The Fund is intended for Investors who expect significantly higher rates of return than bank deposits or treasury bonds, and at the same time looking for an investment with a lower level of risk than mixed or equity funds while reducing the time spent on the individual analysis of the issuers. The Fund may not be suitable for Investors who wish to withdraw funds earlier than before end of one year. A significant competitive advantage of the Fund is a multi-stage assessment of the credit risk of issuers and rigorous investment policy affecting the composition of the portfolio and repetitive rates of return, which ensures that experienced Managers supported by the Investment Committee. The Fund is managed by Michael / Ström Brokerage House (Michael / Ström Dom Maklerski S.A.).