MM Prime TFI

Our Client’s success = MM Prime success

In case of funds managing the invested capital we aim at:

Maximizing the profit while at the same time minimizing the risk, which is strictly connected with calculating fees for management.

In case of private mutual funds we aim at:

  • Ensure continuation according to the will and vision of the devisor.
  • Gain funds for further development of the company / companies.
  • Enhance liquidity of the company.
  • Enhance liability – using debts in a more efficient way in the company’s management.
  • Enhance financial indicators in the company.
  • Simplify the management of companies.
  • Risk diversification of business activity.
  • Preserve anonymity by the fund’s owner.
  • Facilitate foreign capital acquisition (certifiate sales, bond issue).
  • Enhance transparency and reliability of the company or group of companies.
  • Tax Optimization.
  • Use the financial leverage by means of certificate sales within a fund.

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