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Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - October 19, 2015

After successful previous week on global stock markets the time for correction has come. On the plus side, growths from the previous week have been retained. Such a momentary markets cooldown can be helpful for next growths. But we can not exclude a scenario that recent increases were only a correction within a downward trend. In that case investors should be prepared for further declines. The direction of the breakout of the consolidations made on major indices last week should be the quickest hint. Nevertheless, we can forget about higher growths until individual indices break out above September peaks. That move would create a double bottom pattern.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - October 12, 2015

Last week finally brought the long-awaited wave of optimism on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since the beginning of the week most of stock exchanges were dominated by bulls. It was the response to poor payrolls from the previous Friday, which the market considered as a postponement of the beginning of the rate-hiking cycle in the United States. It seems that after the poor recent period of time through a lower risk aversion foreign investors are coming back to emerging markets. It was also noticeable in Warsaw's blue-chip index, where growths were accompanied by increased turnover every day last week.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - October 5, 2015

It was another unsuccessful week for the stock market investors. Uncertainty over Chinese and global economies still affected global markets. Window dressing at end of the month and the quarter helped prop up the Warsaw Stock Exchange but only for one day. Within the last three months the WIG fell by 6.6%. It means that the quarter ended last Wednesday was the worst one since 2011. Warsaw's blue-chip index performed very poorly. The WIG20 saw as much as 10.8% quarterly fall.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - September 28, 2015

Leaving interest rates unchanged by the FOMC increased investors’ fear about the global economy. Still persistent uncertainty had a negative impact on the behaviour of stock markets last week. Admittedly, most of stock exchanges started the week quite positively. But later it turned out that it was only a temporary stop ahead of further declines. Then Friday brought an improvement in investor sentiment. It was mainly due to Janet Yellen's Thursday speech, whose words sounded hawkish.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - September 21, 2015

The FOMC's two-day meeting and the decision concerning interest rates in the United States were last week’s major events. The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged. Although analysts were divided in opinion on the decision, the majority expected just such scenario. In the statement after the meeting the Fed said that they expect further improvement in the labour market. They pointed out the negative developments in the global economy, which have taken place recently. It is mainly about the Chinese economy condition and bearish oil prices.

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