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Last week could have been very good for the WSE. Unfortunately the situation was complicated by the exacerbation of the Ukrainian conflict, where Russian troops occupied areas near the Sea of Azov. The President of Ukraine called it an open aggression. Indices tumbled, especially indices fell sharply at Książęca, where the WIG20 fell that day by almost 2%.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI S.A. - August 25, 2014

During the last week stock across the globe rebounded from declines noted in July and August. Poor PMI readings from main European economies didn’t dispirit bullish investors. European industrial PMIs turned out to be worse than expected and lower than a month earlier. France was one of the main losers last week.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI S.A. - August 18, 2014

Summary Although it had only four business days, last week was very exciting for polish investors. Macro data readings were poor. The euro zone industrial production for June was disappointing. On the other hand, it was already heavily historical reading. Weak reading of ZEW index was not treated as a significant variable, as it reflects unstable moods of institutional investors. The fact that over the weekend there was no significant escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be considered as the main reason for growth in the stock markets. In addition, a weaker data from the U.S. is also interpreted in favor of the further delays in interest rate hikes by the Fed. This was the main factor of a good week for the stock markets. The DAX rose by 0.9%, the CAC40 by 0.6%. The London’s FTSE250 was up by 2.8% due to the relatively dovish inflation report published by the Bank of England. Moods in U.S. were also positive, with the S&P500 gain of 1.2%.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI S.A. - August 11, 2014

Weekly comment MM Prime TFI S.A. - August 11, 2014


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI S.A. - August 4, 2014

Weekly comment MM Prime TFI S.A. - August 4, 2014

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