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Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - January 11, 2016

Last week was dominated by the red color leading to the worst opening of a new year in history. The declines were caused by weak economic data from China. On Monday there was a release of the industrial PMI. It stood at 48.2 pts. to the expected 49.0 pts.. In addition, the services PMI unexpectedly failed (50.2 pts. vs 52.3 pts. expected). This data indicated a slowdown in Chinese economy. Moreover, accompanying strong pressure, which was resulted from the expected expiration of regulation that restricted the sale of shares by investors holding at least 5% equity stake in the company, led to the increase of tension in the markets and even panic.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - January 4, 2016

The last week of the year for investors in Poland lasted only three days. Consequently, there were lower volumes. In addition, investors did not learn any significant economic data. What is more, despite the promising start of the week the index of the largest companies failed. As a result, the WIG20 decreased by 0.9%. Unlike Blue Chips, small and medium – sized companies ended the week in the green. The mWIG40 rose by 0.4% and the sWIG80 took off by 2.8%.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - December 28, 2015

It was a very smooth and merry week on the WSE. Nevertheless, it did not hinder the continuation of increases on the market. In spite of lower volumes the WIG20 index went up by 1.1%. Moreover, medium-sized companies ended the week in the green – the mWIG40 rose by 1.8% and the sWIG80 took off by 1.0%. It was the second consecutive week in which polish stock exchange did not move towards the south. It seemed that Santa Claus continued his rally. However, he will not be probably able to bring a monthly growth.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - December 21, 2015

Finally, investors on the WSE can be satisfied. For the first time in December the WIG20 ended the week in green growing by 5.8%. Surprisingly, small and medium - sized companies did not take a leaf from the biggest ones. The mWIG40 rose by 1.7% and the sWIG80 went up only by 0.4%. The effect of Santa Claus finally showed up on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Lately, very good economic indicators helped stock markets to increase. The level of employment and salary in the enterprise sector grew stronger than expected.


Weekly comment MM Prime TFI - December 14, 2015

The second week of December did not bring us a lot of economic data. German industrial production in November rose by 0.2% vs 0.7% expected. The eurozone’s GDP revision did not surprise and indicated a growth of 1.6%. The number of applications for unemployment benefits in the US was higher that it was predicted. What is more, American retail sales in November grow by 0.2% vs 0.3% expected. However, this data did not affect the fluctuations of the major indices.

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